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Pure copper cuffs (21)

Copper and magnets is not an unusual combination. With magnet healing your body with the magnetic properties, copper can be a good metal in imparting the elements in your body.


  • A Pure Copper Cuff with magnetic properties has a magnetic pole or two in it. The effect of the magnetic cuffs varies with the intensity of the magnetic field which the poles can siphon off the earth’s magnetic field. Buying these pure copper cuffs from a reputed online store will ensure you that the intensity of the magnetic field is the right amount that is required to cure your ailment.
  • The positive side of the magnet is dotting a green, whereas the negative side assures with a red dot on the other end of the cuffs. Make sure that this feature is present in the cuff that you will buy online. If you buy from Simply Pure Copper, you can trust the quality by keeping your eyes closed.
  • With proper polarity of the magnets in the Copper Cuffs, they can work with affluence in the wearer’s body and keep the person charging up with positive energy.